“Mr. Robert is a godsend. Really! He provided the necessary assistance to get certain moving pieces to actually move. He has an uncanny ability to make things work, quickly. From technical assistance to organization to deliverables, he came at a time when I was at my wits end. I appreciate and value his contribution to our organization and look forward to an ongoing working relationship.”

/  Lacy R. Dawson  /

“Mr. Robert is an exemplary professional, detail oriented, committed, and patient when providing resources and support for any project he has helped me with. He has the deliberate intention to provide positive results! He is a self-starter, great listener, problem solver and has technical skills above and beyond any technical assistance professional I have worked with! He is a joy to work with and has a great sense of appropriate humor and has a way with addressing the issue at hand and maintaining excellent focus. I highly recommend him for start up projects, development and maintenance of programs, events and projects. He is skilled in various areas and if you are a start-up or have been in business for a good amount of time you will find him to be of great assistance! Mr. Robert can determine and match his skills to your needs. He has assisted me with my non-profit, my hair salon, my consulting work and other projects with excellence! He is A1!”

/  Kalimah Johnson, LMSW  /

“When I think about terms that describe Mr. Robert, several come to mind: professional, courteous, well-versed, reliable, patient. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Robert at Delta Consultants which allowed me to experience all of these attributes in action. He was always one of the first people in the office, preparing for his day and his team’s arrival. He leads by example, expecting the best from everyone around him as he never offers less than 100% to others. He is patient with new employees, taking time to share best practices and coach them through the difficulties associated with learning a new practice. These types of leadership qualities are not easy to find, but Mr. Robert seems to have them all – a refreshing combination that virtually guarantees success within an organization.”

/  Colleen Busboom  /


“Mr. Robert was the initial graphic designer for my website, He gave great advice in assisting me with choosing colors, outlook and web hosting service. It was a pleasure working with him and I still reference him as a business colleague to this day.”

/  Corey J. Frank  /

“Mr. Robert is very talented in the field of Graphic Design. He has strong skills in both print and web design. He is able to conceptualize an idea, create and describe his goals for a project and complete his plan with obvious inspiration and talent. His skills are visible within his work, Robert would be a strong addition, whether for a consulting position, freelance project or as an employee to any company.”

/  Steve Linville  /

“I have found Mr. Robert to be of value to any project that I present to him. His vision is not only creative, but also forward thinking. He delivers outstanding product each and every time. Mr. Robert has an insight that you don't often find in business owners these days. I am very satisfied with the results. We have developed a professional working relationship, and I will utilize the services of Mr. Robert for all of my consulting and graphic design needs.”

/  Cheryl C. Jordan  /