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I’m a regular guy who has made an oath to living a non-conforming, creative life. What excites me most is the idea of awakening the creative spirit in others. I view life as an adventure, full of risk and opportunities to make a difference. I’m passionate about making ideas happen. And I’m all about living loud and full. WHOOT!

I am a graduate of Marygrove College where I earned a B.A. in Business. I also graduated from Specs Howard School of New Media Arts’ Graphic Design program. I have over 15 years of experience working in Youth Development and Educational Technology from the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Northeast Mississippi, the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit, Central Michigan University sponsored Upward Bound youth enrichment programs and Marygrove College.

I’m very passionate about life and I’m a big proponent of the idea of doing what you love. It blows my mind that so many people are not as pumped about life as I am. I wish more people lived life on purpose; on edge. I really believe that a lot of people are living life so unfulfilled, doing things they hate – every day ’til they die – and it bothers me. 

It’s not every day that you meet a young black male talking about living a life of non-conformity and the importance of making ideas happen. I take that as a responsibility to show the world that designers, techies, and creatives don’t all look the same and don’t just exist in the hallways of Harvard and Google. Creativity and possibility lie within all of us; it just takes someone bold enough to know it and live it out. So you better believe I’m up for the challenge! 

At my core, I’m an entrepreneur, a thinker, a realist, a dreamer, a designer, a builder and a lover of life. My personal and professional motto is: “You can either work to live or design a life; the choice is yours.”

We’ll see what all the future holds.

- MR


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Selected Accolades


Certificate of Graduation, Americorps, 2018

National Engaged Leader Award,  2015

Heart & Soul Award, 2015

Heart & Soul Award, 2014

Distinguished Alumni of Tomorrow, 2014